Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit For Summer

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Most people look forward to summer it is time to hit the beach and enjoy the sunshine. But the difficult part comes when choosing the perfect swimsuit. Shopping for that perfect bathing suite does not have to be stressful. Just follow these few tricks to help you find the swim suit that flatters your body.

If you have thin or small chest go for the horizontal stripes or a nautical themed two piece suit it will add depth to what you've got. Also try something with padding which can add a cup size. However, do not wear anything strapless.

If your hips are wider than your shoulders (triangular or pear shaped) then look for a suit that emphasize the top part of your body. Wear darker colors on the bottom, and halter- or high necked tops. Do not wear high-cut legs as they will emphasize your hips.

If you shoulders are wider than your hips (Inverted triangle) go for suits that will build up the bottom and minimize the top. Also try to wear high-cut or medium legs. Go for more color and prints on the bottom. Wear square necks or suits with wider straps will help to narrow down the broad shoulders. Avoid deep neck lines or mini bottoms.

If you have no defined waist (rectangle or "H" shaped) then you need the suits that can give the illusion of curves. Two piece suits are the best for an undefined waist. However, if you like to wear a one piece suit, then go for details like piping, and princess seams that create the illusion of fake curves. Solid colored tanks striped tops should be avoided at all costs.

Remember the perfect swimsuit will give you an hour-glass look a defined waist-line between balanced shoulders and hips.

Source by Sarah L. Parker